$80 / Night Additional Dogs: + $50 | Puppies Under 6 months Old + $10

Holidays: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Eve - weekend & Xmas Eve -New Years Day: + $10 / Night

Yin and yang, and Bear_#CouchHog

With Canine Excellence, your pets become family while enjoying their kennel free all inclusive boarding vacation at our cozy canine BNB with their furry companions. 

What is part of our all inclusive boarding? Your dog will be included in our Walk and Train Pack Adventures and receive daily obedience refreshment courses at no additional charge! 

All dogs are supervised and cared for 24 hours a day by the same sitter. No stress of unfamiliar staff on rotation, kennel isolation or erratic barking as you would find at a boarding facility. Our home becomes your canine child's home away form home and we wouldn't have it any other way.

*We understand that no two dogs are alike. Each and every dog has their own special care needs, personal boundaries and restrictions, therefore safety is our top priority and we take that very seriously. Each canine is pre screened for proper social behavior, health, and mental comfort before being accepted into our homes for boarding*


 Boarding is not for all, we also offer in your home pet sitting for those who prefer the comfort and solitude of their own home.

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With our certified trained sitters, we ensure your canines are comfortable and happy while in our care. Each dog will be supplied with dishes, bedding, toys and large crates, IF requested for sleeping. We like to keep home routines as normal as possible when staying with us to help keep each pup comfortable, happy, safe and relaxed.

We offer a complimentary shuttle pick up and drop off in the morning hours Monday through Saturday depending on your location. If you choose to drop off / pick up your dog, or are coming from out of our area, please call to set up special arrangements so that you can pick up / drop off your dog at our sitter’s house or meet your sitter along their daily route.

*As much as we do our best to fill everyones requests, availability is limited and our cage free boarding is only available for those already enrolled in our Walk &  Train program or have adequate time prior to be evaluated and worked safely into the pack to assure hassle free bookings and the safety and comfort for your dog and the pack during your dogs stay. It is recommended to please contact us in a reasonable time frame so we can sufficiently accommodate your canine needs with the evaluation process if your pup(s) are new to CE.*

Cancellation for boarding

Please contact us at least seventy two (72) hours in advance to cancel boarding reservations of more than 3 nights. A 25% of confirmed boarding stay will be imposed for any last minute cancellations.

Boarding space is not always available with short notice. To reschedule/alter confirmed boarding stay please contact us as soon as possible so we can sufficiently accommodate your booking needs.


Prices are subject to change and may vary with special or extra care needs.

Please call or email for details .