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Custom tailored to your dog.

$45.00 | $40.00

Minimum requirement 1 Walk Per Week 

Group walks are springing up all over the world and they are a great way for dogs to experience life in a safe controlled environment.

Instinctively dogs would roam in packs in the wild and our 'pack walks’ help them engage in this natural pack behavior while being on a lead guided through different locations and experiences by experienced canine pack trainers. Being exposed to new sights, sounds and smells in a controlled guided way is crucial in developing a dog’s ability to handle new situations. When properly introduced to new experiences, it desensitizes them to noises and distractions, and helps them stay calm in crowded streets, with other dogs, etc.


In fact, it’s best to start them off young! Research has shown that 4 to 14 weeks is the most important time for social development in a puppy, and this early socialization and enrichment has been shown to make dogs smarter and easier to train. However, to prevent illness and physically injury, we do not recommend this without your veterinarian approval if prior to completing their puppy vaccinations. 

*We accept puppies as soon as they have completed all their puppy vaccinations and are cleared by their veterinarian to begin exploring*

Dogs that have been socialized young respond better to communication cues and have better social skills, and like children, will learn quickly from watching others. During pack walks, they can benefit from seeing other dogs modeling sensible behavior as a result of proper guidance. As the dog grows in confidence, so will you! In a pack environment with trained handlers, dogs get the reassurance and validation they need to grow into confident dogs, and from their pack handlers, us, you will receive updates and we are happy to arrange training with you for you to learn new ways to train with your dog and manage behaviors correctly.

Enough about the mental talk, what about the Walk!?

Our Walk and Train pack program offers an excellent outlet for exercise! Our walks are 2 hours long which is anywhere between 3-4 miles from start to finish. 

Studies show that a structured pack walk can drain a dog’s restless energy and keep them mentally and physically fit over a play at a park with other dogs or even a solid game of fetch. It’s also intellectually stimulating for the dog to meet different types of dogs, learn how to properly engage with people and work their minds to learn boundaries and rules so everyone can enjoy the walk as a team.

Above all, pack walks provide companionship – and chances are if you want to catch up with your friends regularly, your dog will want to as well!

We offer pack walks Monday through Friday and we explore different pre-determined exciting trails, streets and parks throughout the Petaluma and norther Marin County areas to keep every walk exciting. We try to keep to a buddy system by walking in pairs for additional eyes, hands, and safety.

We require a minimum of 1 (one) Pack Walk and or Daycare day per week for pack balance and training consistency.

*Covering Petaluma through Hamilton, Novato, Monday - Thursday, Fridays we are strictly limited to only Petaluma to avoid Friday North 101 traffic *

*All Dogs must be Pre-screened, Fully Vaccinated and Temperament Approved, and must be fixed if 6 months of age or older before attending pack social activities for safety and insurance purposes*

- We still take intact puppies up to 6 months old -

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