CEO, Trainer, Pack Leader, Dog House Mom, Dog Mom​ of 5

As a dog owner my whole life, I understand that work, vacation and life in general can sometimes take you away from your beloved pet. That’s why I founded Canine Excellence.



A little bout me: I was raised around animals my whole life and I knew at a young age that a four-year college was neither an option nor a desire, I wanted to work with animals, canines specifically. Shortly after graduating High School, I studied through ABKA earning my certification as a Certified Animal Care Technician while working my first job as a Kennel Tech at Postmore Kennel, Novato CA. Knowing being a kennel tech was not where I planned to stay, I went for my Pet First Aid / CPR certification, followed by intense reading and studying in Canine Psychology and Training earning  my first certification for obedience training from Penn Foster College. Thats not all! I then enrolled myself in a small trade school, Animal Behavior College, to earn my second and third certifications in Canine Obedience and Behavior Modification training, and canine nutrition. While having professional experience in the animal care industry stretching out over 15 years from several years, I felt like I was still not where I was meant to be.

quickly realized I had a stronger passion for the canine world and I wanted to do more for the dogs left behind, looked over, and euthanized due to their temperament and behavior faults. 

In 2010 I was hired by a local training, dog walking and pet sitting company. It was then I realized I had found my true calling. Here I was able to work solo with packs of dogs and really put all my training to work beginning with restructuring how the company ran their pack walk services. I created a structured training pack walk which resulted in a more balanced family dog for our clients. It was a HUGE hit with the locals who struggled with their rambunctious dogs, and a simple walk was not enough of an outlet for them. Being a popular service with other companies around the world, but never really seen in our area, it was long over due for the North Bay. About one and a half years later, this new found passion brought Petaluma and Northern Marin County, Canine Excellence and our ever so popular, Walk & Train Pack Program.


Loyal, loving, personalized canine care, when you need it.

Let us enhance the excellence of your excellent canine and bring peace and balance to your canine family.


My promise to you: Make every pet owner a happy owner, and every dog a more happy and healthy dog.



Pack Leader, Trainer, Pet Sitter, Dog Mom​

As a local resident of Petaluma my whole life and a dedicated animal enthusiast, it was only natural I found a career working with animals.

I’ve had a crazy love for animals since I was very young, which use to drive my parents crazy coming home to strays on the regular. Sorry mom and dad! Shortly out of high school I adopted MY first dog, Oliver, an Aussie x who goes everywhere with me to this day.

It was then after adopting Oliver that I took my first leap into the animal industry volunteering and was able to work at many amazing locations from Petaluma wildlife museum, Safari West, I even traveled over seas to work for Wildlife Habitat in Australia! Without these life experiences, I definitely wouldn't be where I am today. With Oliver by my side, I dove into the canine industry with my first real job with dogs being at a grooming shop/boarding facility, but shortly into employment I earned for more. I never thought dog walking was a really a thing until I found Canine Excellence on instagram. After following them on instagram for almost a year I searched for a foot in the door with another dog walking business in Marin County, all while patiently waiting for Canine Excellence to hire again. 

As soon as I saw a post for CE Dog Walker position  I jumped at the position and never looked back. I became part of the team after only one working interview and I couldn’t be happier. I've been with Canine Excellence since January 2017 and becoming a pack leader quickly motivated me to become a certified trainer so I enrolled in Animal Behavior College. In November 2018, I graduated top of my class and am now a certified Canine Behaviorist and Nutritionalist. 

Living the dream, one day at a time.


Pack Leader, Dog Mom​

Hi, I’m Lizz! I grew up on acreage in southern California with all of the animals, I mean ALL! We rescued absolutely everything under the sun, including horses, cats, birds, and, of course, a nice healthy pack of dogs. I came up to Sonoma County in 2008 to attend Sonoma State University and lasted about 6 months without a dog. I couldn’t help but adopt a small melting pot of a mutt whom I’ve had ever since. Eleven years later and I’m the proud owner of now 2 dogs, 3 accidental cats, a horse, and a Russian tortoise. Not to mention, I also have a 5-year-old son who is responsible for about half of the aforementioned full house. He is definitely his mother’s son.


I kind of fell into the dog walking industry… After college, I had intended on going further and getting my teaching credential, but life happened. I have since worked at a horse ranch and taught horseback riding lessons for kiddos, as well as done pet sitting for all kinds of animals. I took small steps to work towards teaching and got my substitute permit but after only one short week of substitute teaching, I found myself job searching online because, oh my goodness, substitute teaching is rough! I came across Canine Excellence and applied immediately. I couldn’t be happier that I did.

I had no idea that I could turn my experience with training and working with animals into a job that would twist my experience into pack training and get me outside surrounded by wonderful dogs every day—definitely not a bad way to spend the work week! I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this wonderful dog walking crew.


Pack Leader, Trainer, Pet Sitter, Dog Mom​

A true animal lover since I was a child, it has always been important to me to incorporate animals into my working career. I grew up wanting ever single animal and owned dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, and hamsters. I also use to own a Greek tortoise named Cassie who now lives with one of my best friends. My own dog, Jedidiah Jackson, who is almost 10 years old, spends every minute he can with me and is looking forward to being a part of the pack and make new friends.
Starting in 2010, I got a job at VIP Petcare, where I advanced to managing vaccination clinics and educated clients all over northern and central California.

I started realizing my pull towards dog training and behavior and immediately knew I needed to gain as much knowledge  and experience as I could. I started shadowing puppy and dog training classes in Santa Rosa, I attended Canine Behavior Academy at the Marin Human Society, and volunteered at the Sonoma Humane Society whenever I had the chance.  I then took a job as a non-anesthetic veterinary dental technician where I cleaned dogs and cats teeth. I absolutely loved that job but my favorite part was interacting with the dogs and getting them to work with me while I cleaned their teeth. I started dog walking and pet sitting in 2016 to marge two of my favorite things, dogs and being active. I had been eyeing Canine Excellence and was so excited when I saw that they were hiring right when I was looking for another job. It was meant to be! I am so incredibly excited to be a part of this awesome team of talented ladies. 

Working with dogs is by far my number one passion. Nothing brings me more joy than being active, outdoors, and surrounded by happy, balanced dogs


Pack Leader, Trainer, Pet Sitter, Dog Dad​

Hi, I'm Pete. I have been lucky to have spent my whole life around dogs and I wouldn't have it any other way! I am a dog dad to 2 incredible pitbulls and 2 Chihuahua mixes, engaged to my dream woman and honestly, life couldn't be better. 

In 2005 I was given the opportunity to studied in depth dog behavior, genetics and dog psychology along with having had significant hands on training for service dog training with a fantastic dog named Isiah, through Assistance Dog Institute, which is now Bonnie Bergin Canine Studies. 

Isiah blew me away, learning 106 different commands taught to him and he then went on to serve Sonoma County for many years. Isiah changed my life and showed me that working with dogs is not a job, its a passion. Since my service dogs days, I have explored the canine world of professionals and have been a professional trainer and dog walker for a few different places, finally landing the position as Pack Leader for Canine Excellence.


I hope to meet you and your canine soon and continue to make a positive impact in the dog society for many years to come!





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