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$60 / day | Additional Dogs: $45

Pack Walk Adventures included

Elvie and her body guards, Txoco and Lin

PLEASE NOTE, we are not a daycare/boarding facility. We do not accept drop in requests. ALL daycare dogs must pass an evaluation, attend the morning pack walk on day of daycare booking, and be scheduled for a minimum of one pack walk / week to be accepted for daycare and or boarding.


Canine Excellence offers more than just Doggie Daycare, we offer a daily social club for dogs!


Need to work late or going away for the day and not sure what to do with your canine kids? If a Pack Walk isn't enough time out for your pup and he needs full day care, let us pick up your pup(s) from your home or place of work in Petaluma for a full day (roughly 8-10 hours) of fun and activities, offered Monday - Friday for pre-evaluated canines. A day in Doggie Daycare begins with a morning Pack Walk, followed by tug and fetch social structured and monitored play with their pack friends, basic training, photo fun, dinners if requested, and lots of doggie gossip at your walker/pet sitter house while you can be away for the day, worry free. 

*Like all services, new pups must be evaluated prior to scheduling appointments, please contact us in advance for evaluations*


Our Daycare Pick Up and Drop Off Pup service is currently only offered to Petaluma residents, Monday - Friday.


For out-of-towners, see below for details 


Our Daycare Pick Up and Drop Off service is available from 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday for Petaluma residents only.

For owner drop off and pick up, Daycare is available between our open hours of 7am to 7pm Monday - Friday.


Pets staying later than 7pm will board over night and be scheduled for pick up or drop off the following morning.

Please call or email for details and scheduling as space is limited and offered as first come first serve.


*All dogs are required to pass a behavior assessment, must be fixed if 6 months of age or older

(We still take intact puppies up until 6 months!) 

All dogs must be fully vacinated prior to any pack services*

Prices are subject to change and may vary with special or extra care needs.

Please call or email for details  

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