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"Canine Excellence is, hands down the best Pack Walking/Training/Boarding option in Petaluma and, I would venture to say, in the larger Bay Area.

They walk/train my dog once a week for a minimum of 2 hours every session, without exception- rain or shine. Aly, and her team have passion,  professional and a high degree of integrity.  They are known to bring in packages for their clients and make the process easy. There is no mitigation on my end when they come and get Charlie. I am a busy mom of 5 and a small business owner- I need to work with these kind of people. They take initiative and even bring  in packages from my front porch. I am very grateful to have found them, I couldn't imagine employing anyone else. If you need support with your dog,  I highly recommend Aly and her team. My dog Charlie, is part of my family and it is paramount that we spent the time to find a company that would treat him as such. Charlie loves them so much that he tries to jump into any white van that passes by him!  I have also requested that if something ever happen to my husband and I, that Aly adopts Charlie!!! And I mean that quite literally.  If you have found yourself reading up on this team, definitely call, you will be stoked you did!!!"

-Sadie, Charlies Mom




"Can't say enough great things about Aly and the crew. We were thinking about rehoming our separation anxiety, super leash reactive mastiff mix after being told by a trainer that she would never be that dog that can be around other dogs. Aly was our last hope. From the very first day, we witnessed her handle Ruby's reactivity with calm authority, put her in the van with her other excellent canines, then took group pics after the walk, we were hooked! Not to mention wanting to cry that we knew with some work and Aly, we could now manage our sweet big baby and keep her. Fast forward, after a year of being so exhausted from daycare at Aly's then dropped off a couple hours before we got home, she is cured of SA! We've now graduated to just walks and the sofa is still intact! Aly goes above and beyond every single day and we can't say enough great things about her. Thanks Aly and the Whisperettes

- Heather





"I have been using Aly’s (aka the ‘dog whisperer’s’) services for a most of my dogs life now!My dog Zoey is a rambunctious teenager who had the misfortune of being born with a genetic bone disorder called OCD. She started out with Aly's pack for a few walks before she had to have surgery on her ankle in order to alleviate the pain she was suffering. Fast forward through 6 LONG weeks of no off leash activity and another 12 weeks of rehabbing is where we are to today. Thank goodness for Aly who has proven herself to be so very patient, compassionate and caring in helping Zoey get exercise and yet not come to home limping, which was our prior experience with other professionals we had used in the interim. I have also boarded Zoey with Aly and that same level of care held true our girl came home without a limp, but very tired and that is always a good thing! That being said I now will not use any of my local walkers or boarding facilities , our girl will only get what we consider to be the best in Sonoma and Marin County as far as dog training, walking and boarding! Thank you Aly!!"

-Diane, Zoeys mom

Santa Rosa

Groot & Mikey


"Aly and her team of Dog Whisperettes are a class act.  Aly does this because she loves it and her love for her work and our dogs shines through and through.  She is also an excellent business woman.  She's reasonable and customer service oriented and I wouldn't trust anyone else.  She treats my home, my routine, my dogs as her own.  She's responsible and I know that my pups are in good, safe hands!  We really couldn't "do our life" without Canine Excellence.  She is an integral part of our routine and family!!"

-Stephanie, Groot & Mikes mom


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